Momentum Art

DLUX has partnered with Momentum Art Tech in Madison to bring unique works of art to our restaurant space. The art will rotate often and each piece will be available for purchase. For more information on the artists’ works, or to inquire about a purchase, contact James at Momentum Art Tech at or 608-423-6501.


C3PO is an self-taught artist based out of Chicago whose recent works have been murals with an emphasis on large interior and exterior works. He is the co-founder of Momentum Art Tech, a company that focuses on painting art and retail art supplies. With 20 years of painting experience, he has worked with multiple mediums and traditional methods such as oil, acrylic, landscapes and fine art to more modern, abstract mixed mediums like graffiti. C3PO has worked in digital media as a graphic designer, as well as an inner city art teacher working with kids ages 10 to 21. His work can be found in several publications,and throughout Chicagoland and many large cities around the world.


Therd uses pop art collage with text and geometry to tell view on today’s culture. He’s moved from graffiti to galleries and has shown his art all over the U.S. His loose fine art flow mixed with iconic imagery lets the viewer contemplate the juxtaposition.